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Breast Revision Introduction

For some, Breast Implant results are not what is expected, and the journey toward the perfect breasts may require a touch of revision, especially if health concerns arise. breast implant revision in San Jose offers the opportunity to address issues such as implant malposition, capsular contracture, or changes in personal preferences. Dr. Eric Li at CA Aesthetics in Los Gatos understands the importance of our San Jose and Bay Area patients achieving their desired outcomes and provides expert care to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

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What is Breast Implant Revision?

Breast implant revision also known as secondary breast augmentation, is a surgical procedure performed to address complications or dissatisfaction with previous breast augmentation or breast lifting surgery. This procedure involves removing or replacing existing breast implants to correct issues such as rupture, capsular contracture, asymmetry, or changes in implant position or size over time. Dr. Li specializes in this very nuanced surgery, offering surgical plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs and aesthetic goals.

Who are the best candidates for Breast Implant Revision?

The best candidates for a San Jose breast implant revision surgery are typically individuals who have undergone a previous breast augmentation and are: 

  • Experiencing issues with their current implants
  • Dissatisfied with previous results
  • Experiencing implant rupture
  • Experiencing capsular contracture
  • Experiencing implant malposition (e.g. implants are too low or too widely spaced apart)
  • Experiencing significant symmetry
  • Desiring a change in the aesthetic appearance of their breast

What are the benefits of Breast Implant Revision?

Breast implant revision surgery offers several benefits for patients in Los Gatos, San Jose, and the Bay Area, including:

  • Improved appearance
  • Correction of complications
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Personalized results
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Breast Revision First Step

What’s the first step?

The first step to a breast implant revision in San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Li. This is where you’ll discuss your concerns, goals, and any issues you may be experiencing with your current breast implants. Dr. Li will evaluate your individual case, examine your breasts, and recommend the most appropriate course of action to achieve the results you desire with a plan that is structured and dedicated just for you. 

What to expect on the day of Breast Implant Revision surgery

On the day of your breast implant revision surgery, you’ll arrive at the surgery center in Los Gatos and check in with our friendly staff. You’ll then be taken to the operating room, where you’ll receive anesthesia to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the surgery. 

Dr. Li will perform the necessary revisions to your breast implants based on the discussed plan, which may involve removing or replacing the implants, adjusting their position, adjusting the pockets, placing an internal bra, performing breast lifting, performing fat transfer, or addressing any complications.

For Breast Implant Removal Dr. Li will make incisions, tailored to your case, to access the previous Breast Implants. He will then carefully remove the implants, along with any scar tissue or capsule as necessary before closing your incisions with sutures.

For Breast Implant Replacement or Adjustment, Dr. Li and his surgical team will make incisions to access the previous breast implants, remove them and replace them with new ones, and make any other adjustments as necessary to the breasts. This may involve re-positioning the implants, re-shaping or changing the pockets, performing breast lifting, performing fat transfer, or placing an internal bra to support your new implants.

Once the procedure is complete, you’ll be taken to a recovery area where you’ll be monitored closely as you wake up from anesthesia and provided with a detailed post-procedure plan.

Breast Implant Revision recovery

During the first few days of recovery from your breast implant revision, you can expect swelling, bruising, and some minor to moderate discomfort. Dr. Li may recommend wearing a surgical bra or compression garment for support and to reduce swelling.

Over the first month, swelling and bruising will gradually subside, but it’s important to continue following our team’s instructions regarding activity levels and wound care. Long-term recovery may take several weeks to months, so be patient and diligent in achieving results.

Breast Revision Cost

How much does Breast Implant Revision cost in San Jose, CA?

The cost of breast implant revision in Los Gatos, San Jose, and the greater Bay Area can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the procedure, the surgeon’s experience, the type of implants used, and any other specifics to your case. During your consultation with Dr. Li, you’ll receive a personalized quote based on your specific needs and goals, which will lay the foundation for the costs.


Why choose Dr. Li?

Dr. Eric Li stands out as an exceptional choice for breast implant revision for several reasons. As a double Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Li possesses extensive expertise and skill in performing complex revision procedures. His affiliation with organizations like the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) underscores his commitment to excellence and patient safety. 

Additionally, Dr. Li’s dedication to providing personalized care and achieving optimal outcomes ensures that each patient receives the highest level of attention and satisfaction. Patients in San Jose can trust his expertise and compassionate approach to achieve their desired results with our breast implant revision procedure.

Breast Revision FAQ’S

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