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Lower Eyelid Surgery Introduction

Our eyes help create the ultimate expressions – they reflect our emotions without words no matter where we are. Yet, as time passes, the delicate skin surrounding our eyes can reveal signs of wear, mirroring a tired or exhausted look. This is where Dr. Li comes in with a life-changing lower eyelid surgery (also known as lower blepharoplasty) that offers a solution to revitalize and rejuvenate this delicate area, restoring a refreshed and youthful appearance to our eyes so we can express our true feelings. Join us at CA Aesthetic in Los Gatos, CA where a new twinkle in your eyes meets the renewed lower eyelid surgery results in San Jose and the greater Bay Area.

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What is Lower Eyelid Surgery?

Lower eyelid surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the appearance of your lower eyelids. It involves the removal or repositioning of excess skin, fat, and tissue to address issues such as under-eye bags, puffiness, wrinkles, and sagging skin. The goal of lower eyelid surgery in Los Gatos, San Jose, and the surrounding Bay Area is to create a smoother, more youthful contour around your eyes, reducing signs of aging and fatigue. Dr. Li specializes in this procedure, using advanced techniques to achieve natural-looking results.

Who are the best candidates for Lower Eyelid Surgery?

The best candidates for lower eyelid surgery typically include individuals in San Jose and the Bay Area who:

  • Have under-eye bags or puffiness caused by excess fat deposits
  • Experience sagging or drooping of the lower eyelids
  • Have loose or excess skin around the lower eyelids
  • Are in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure
  • Have no underlying medical conditions that may affect healing or increase surgical risks
  • Are non-smokers

What are the benefits of Lower Eyelid Surgery?

Lower eyelid surgery offers several benefits for patients in San Jose including:

  • Reduction of under-eye bags
  • Correction of sagging skin
  • Improved eye contour
  • Restored confidence
  • Long-lasting results
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Lower Eyelid Surgery First Step

What’s the first step?

The first step towards achieving refreshed and youthful-looking lower eyelids begins with a consultation with Dr. Li at CA Aesthetics in Los Gatos. Dr. Li and our team will take the time to understand your concerns, goals, and medical history. He will perform a thorough examination of your lower eyelids to assess your candidacy for the surgery and discuss the available treatment options. Get ready to take the first step towards rejuvenating your appearance and boosting your confidence with lower eyelid surgery at CA Aesthetics!

What to expect on the day of Lower Eyelid Surgery

On the day of your lower eyelid surgery, you will arrive at a precise plan that is designed to ensure your comfort and safety. As you arrive at our state-of-the-art facility in San Jose, you will be warmly greeted by our friendly staff and guided through the pre-operative preparations.

During the procedure, you will be comfortably sedated or under anesthesia, depending on the specific approach chosen for your surgery. Dr. Li will skillfully perform the necessary techniques to address your lower eyelid concerns, whether it involves removing excess skin, repositioning fat pads, or tightening underlying tissues. 

Throughout the surgery, our team will closely monitor your signs and make sure the delicate procedure is done with ease and care. Afterward, as the effects of anesthesia wear off, you will be provided with detailed post-operative instructions and guidance for a smooth recovery.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Eyes are delicate, and so are the procedures that surround them. You can expect some swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort around the treated area, which are normal and will typically subside gradually over the first few days. Dr. Li may recommend applying cold compresses to help reduce swelling and alleviate any discomfort. 

It is crucial to avoid strenuous activities and strenuous eye movements during the initial days to allow the delicate tissues to heal properly. Give yourself a nice period of recovery time to rest and let the delicate area heal naturally.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Cost

How much does Lower Eyelid Surgery cost in San Jose, CA?

The cost of lower eyelid surgery in Los Gatos, San Jose, and the Bay Area can vary depending on factors such as the extent of the procedure and the surgeon’s expertise. It’s best to schedule a consultation with Dr. Li to discuss pricing and financing options. 


Why choose Dr. Li?

With affiliations with prestigious organizations like the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Dr. Li brings a wealth of expertise to the Bay Area. He is also a double board-certified plastic surgeon, setting the bar at CA Aesthetics in Los Gatos, where he serves as the driving force behind transformative plastic surgery experiences for our patients in the surrounding Bay Area. 

Known for his meticulous approach and compassionate care, especially when it comes to the eyes, Dr. Li caters to patients seeking aesthetic enhancements with a touch of sophistication, from San Jose, the broader Bay Area, or Los Gatos.

Lower Eyelid Surgery FAQ’S

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