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Non-Surgical Butt Lift Introduction

One of life’s natural progressions is to lose some of its shape and fullness. Weight fluctuations, gravity, and aging can result in your buttocks sagging or looking less shapely. Many Americans begin to feel self-conscious about their butt losing shape or looking flat, but there are options. non-surgical butt lifts are elective cosmetic treatments that add shape, curve, and volume to your butt using dermal fillers, fat injections, or laser therapy. Dr. Eric Li and CA Aesthetics in Los Gatos, CA are committed to their specialization in giving our patients in San Jose and the greater Bay Area a more toned appearance to their buttocks.

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What is a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

A non-surgical butt lift, also known as a Sculptra buttock lift or Sculptra buttock augmentation, is a noninvasive treatment that can alter the shape and size of your butt. The difference between a non-surgical butt lift and a traditional butt lift, is that the latter involves surgery to enhance the shape and fullness of the buttocks, using fat extracted from various parts of the body and carefully reinjected into areas of the buttock. Surgical incisions or going under anesthesia is not necessary for a non-surgical butt lift. 


Sculptra is a type of dermal filler that is generally used to plump up the skin and restore volume to wrinkled or recessed areas of the face, or in this case, for a non-surgical butt lift. The natural production of Collagen, a protein in the body that gives your skin shape and structure, is improved with the use of Sculptra.

Renuva at injection

Renuva fat injection is a groundbreaking injectable treatment designed to boost the regeneration of your fat cells and seamlessly integrate the processed fat particles into your existing tissue for natural and lasting volume restoration. Renuva distinguishes itself from other fillers by utilizing small fat particles from donated tissue. These particles are rich in growth factors, cytokines, and other essential components, forming a regenerative matrix that supports your body’s natural regrowth processes.

Who are the best candidates for a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

The ideal candidates for a non-surgical butt lift should meet the following criteria:

  • Mild to moderate sagging or flattening of the buttocks
  • Wants to subtly lift and enhance buttock volume
  • Reasonable expectations of results
  • Generally good health
  • No infections to the skin area
  • Not currently nursing or pregnant

What are the benefits of a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

There are a variety of benefits when opting for a non-surgical butt lift for those looking for care in Los Gatos, San Jose, and the surrounding Bay Area. CA Aesthetics and Dr. Li have seen our patients enjoy some of the following advantages:

  • Plump up your buttock
  • Eliminate dimples
  • Prevent sagging skin
  • Curve or shape enhancements
  • Safe procedure
  • Non – invasive
  • No downtime
  • Improvement of confidence and self-esteem
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Non-Surgical Butt Lift First Step

What’s the first step?

If you are interested in undergoing non-surgical butt lift treatments in San Jose and the Bay Area. Please contact the office to schedule a consultation with double-board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Li. During your initial appointment, he will review your medical history and overall health, as well as discuss your expectations and any concerns that you may have. 

Dr. Li will examine your buttocks for the most suitable approach. Based on the assessment, an appropriate plan of approach will be discussed and will be recommended. If you wish to proceed with the procedure, Dr. Li will create your treatment plan and our Patient Coordinator will help you choose your treatment date.

What to expect on the day of a Non-Surgical Butt Lift treatment

On the day of a non-surgical butt lift, you’ll be directed to your private treatment room. Your practitioner will ask you to remove your clothing from the waist down and clean it thoroughly. To ensure minimal pain or discomfort during the procedure, an anesthetic to numb the treatment area is applied. The procedure would usually take anywhere between one to two hours, depending on the number of injections required and the site.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift recovery

Unlike traditional surgical butt lifts, there is no significant recovery time or downtime for a non-surgical butt lift, although you may experience redness, bruising, or swelling at the injection sites. You can often resume your daily activities shortly after the procedure. The results from a non-surgical butt lift are temporary as they may last up to 2 years. If there is any discomfort, ice packs could be used.

Typically, you can return to work within 1-2 weeks but patients must wait for 2 weeks before resuming normal sitting. After 5-6 weeks, you can gradually resume exercise. Non-surgical butt lift offer temporary results, so maintaining them may require repeat treatments.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift Cost

How much does a Non-Surgical Butt Lift cost in San Jose, CA?

The price of a non-surgical butt lift in Los Gatos, San Jose, and the greater Bay Area can vary based on several factors. These include the experience level of your healthcare provider, the specific treatment you choose, and your individual circumstances. You can discuss your goals with Dr. Li and his staff to receive personalized recommendations with accurate pricing information based on your needs.


Why choose Dr. Li?

Regardless of gender, age, or background, all patients at CA Aesthetics in Los Gatos, CA are provided a private, safe, and comfortable space with premier care. Dr. Li, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, brings extensive experience to his practice. His affiliations with the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC), and American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) underscore his relentless commitment to excellence. Dr. Li specializes in body contouring and facial rejuvenation. 

His approach is personalized, tailoring treatments to each patient’s unique aesthetic needs. Providing comprehensive care, Dr. Li and his staff offer a range of aesthetic med spa treatments. Whether it is other non-surgical options, such as Dermal Fillers or BOTOX, all CA Aesthetic patients in the greater Bay Area receive world-class cosmetic care.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift FAQ’S

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